Maintain Your Suppleness With Vinegar

Maintain your suppleness and keep those unwanted pounds away with vinegar.Japanese researchers found out that acetic acid, the main component of vinegar, prevents excess fat deposits, even if a diet is based on fat.Amazing, isn’t it?For six weeks they fed two groups of mice in two different ways : one group ate fatty food and vinegar; the other group ate fatty food and water.They all gain extra weight but those who received vinegar daily gained up to 10 percent less weight compared to the others.Researchers say that if the vinegar is combined with a fat free diet the results would be spectacular.What is the explanation? After consumption of the vinegar, the acetic acid inhibits the accumulation of fat, even the fatty liver that is associated with an increased cholesterol.

The action of genes involved in fatty acid oxidation is thus accelerated, resulting in fat melting. Vinegar is used worldwide as a seasoning or preservative; in traditional medicine vinegar is used to treat wounds, hemorrhoids, to improve fainting conditions and hypotension.In addition, recent studies show that vinegar is effective in controlling blood pressure and blood sugar levels.Maintain your suppleness and keep those unwanted pounds away with vinegar. Be aware of the fact though that you should not exaggerate with the consumption of vinegar.We try to offer our readers useful and easy tips on how to improve their lifestyle. We cover information on how to maintain one’s youth and beauty, how to find the right diet or how to get the best from nature.Yoga. Getting Supple.