Stay Supple and Keep Fit As You Get Older With a Joint Supplement

It’s a fact that our joints will deteriorate as we get older.  . Certain parts of our anatomical structure will wear, and as a result there is the danger that joints end up rubbing bone against bone, further speeding the deterioration. The pain from joints and from skeletal stiffness can be a debilitating condition for those of advanced years. The alternative, of taking the trouble to maintain flexibility, will help considerably improve quality of life.For many of those in Western societies, the perceived solution to reduce or eliminate joint pain is to take a pharmaceutical intervention, such as a pain relieving or anti-inflammatory drug. But these only treat the symptoms, not the underlying problem.  And by doing that, there is the danger that a individual will simply accelerate joint wear, by treating their body in a more cavalier fashion. Joint pain should be treated at the root, rather than by simply reducing the symptoms that are warning of a potentially greater underlying problem with your joints.There are several options for those concerned about maintaining joints in good condition as we age.

Research into human joints has revealed key components in our joints and cartilage, and identified naturally occurring sources for these, some of which we can ingest through our diet, or create within our own bodies. And experiments have shown that ingesting these appropriate components can have the important effect of maintaining and even improving joint health. In a similar way that we all understand we need to ingest calcium to maintain our bones, so we can maintain our joints and cartilage by eating, or taking as a supplement, the right components for our body to use. However, many people will not gain all the minerals they need from a typical diet; and our ability to generate the fatty acids and components necessary to maintain our joints and cartilage will decline with age.

Four key components are widely considered to be key to maintaining good joints:

  • chondroitin sulphate is one part of a large protein molecule that gives elasticity to cartilage
  • glucosamine is an amino sugar implicated in the repair and formation of cartilage, and in the lubrication of joints
  • methylsulphonylmethane, commonly abbreviated to the acronym MSM, has been shown to be supportive of joint health as it is a substance that makes sulphur biologically available
  • Celadrin is a proprietary branded substance combining cetylated fattty acids that has been shown by trials to promote joint health, and reduce lower level pain in joints of the sort one might expect from a normal active, healthy life

Chondroitin has several functions, but its primary one within the cartilage matrix is to attract water to other molecules, maintaining flexibility and maintaining the cushioning effect of cartilage that prevents bone rubbing on bone – a vital role in weight-bearing joints such as the hips and knees. Chondroitin is also employed to prevent enzymes from attacking the cartilage and breaking it down, protecting what is already there. Glucosamine is an amino sugar, which is incorporated into body tissue – it is present in fingernails, tendons, skin and many other body organs, as well as being found in high concentrations in joint tissues and the cartilage.

As we get older, our bodies produce less glucosamine naturally and so it is important to take a glucosamine supplement as the years go by.Methylsulphonylmethane, or MSM, is a naturally occuring compound found in plant and animal tissues. Despite its reputation, sulphur is an essential component of healthy body organs including hair, skin and nails, tendons and joints. MSM helps deliver this essential sulphur, assisting in the building of strong collagen and cartilage. MSM can be obtained from some foods, however it is also easily destroyed during food processing and cooking, with the result that many people do not ingest it in sufficient quantities.Celadrin is a patented blend of fatty acids, which has been developed to provide a substance that will increase joint lubrication, enhancing the health and integrity of cell membranes with the result that cell membranes are more efficient, fluid, permeable and of youthful appearance. This helps improve the rate of repair and regeneration.

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