Yoga For Joint Pain Relief

We all know that diet and exercise are the keys to good health. There are study results, articles, books, and television shows everywhere reminding us what we need to do to take good care of our bodies. There is the food guide pyramid to follow, the Play 60 campaign sponsored by the NFL, and various local diet and exercise programs that serve to educate the community, but what if you are suffering from joint painIt is a natural reaction for us to avoid anything that we know will cause us pain. When joint pain becomes part of someone’s everyday life, their activity level is likely to drop. Unfortunately, depending on which joints are hurting, this can actually cause more problems. Depending on which joints are painful and the current level of activity, beginning an exercise program can be a big challenge.Painful joints can become harder to move when they are not moved through their range of motion often enough. This stiffness causes more pain, and a vicious circle ensues. Exercises like yoga can be extremely helpful for people with joint pain. Yoga is also great for overall fitness and peace of mind.Yoga can be done by just about anyone.

There are even classes emerging tailored to senior citizens. The slow, controlled physical movement of joints is instrumental in helping to relieve joint pain. Yoga improves the blood circulation in joints and helps the body remove unwanted toxins. One of the challenges is overcoming the initial pain and reaching a new level of fitness. A commitment to try yoga, or any exercise you choose, will be more successful if you can push through an initial adjustment period. The type of yoga that will be best for you depends on your age, current level of fitness, and physical ability.  If you are starting a fitness regimen for the first time, it has been a long time since you exercised regularly, or if you have already lost significant muscle tone and flexibility, you should start with a very gentle choice, such as hatha yoga. There are so many different types, each with their own emphasis, that there is bound to be one that will help anyone improve their flexibility and lessen their pain.Although it is possible to learn yoga from DVDs or instruction books, the best way is through an instructor in a yoga class.

Attending a class will allow you to get the most out of yoga with the least chance of having an injury. Yoga classes designed especially for seniors are becoming more and more available. If you are looking for a class, a good place to start is by checking local senior centers, retirement communities, religious organizations, and even health clubs. If you can’t find a special senior class, a gentle beginners class can be a good place to get started.When patients begin yoga they often find it helpful to try some of the supplements available on the market. Many of them, such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and Celadrin, have been found to help joints become more lubricated, less inflamed, and can increase their range of motion. By combining a good exercise, diet, and supplement regimen it may be possible to lessen the pain and get on with your life.